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HEIDI BOTANICALS : Empowered by New Ownership and Dynamic Team for Global Expansion



ID4FEED is happy to announce that the Company specialized in the development, the production, and the commercialization of phytogenic solutions, has finalized its strategic restructuring. The Company has officially been taken over by a specialized Private Equity Fund, together with the support of historical partners of ID4FEED, including a European Leader in the field of plant extraction. The objective of the new owner will be, together with the partners part of the project, to form a key player in the development and commercialization of Botanicals for Animal Health and Nutrition.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone for HEIDI BOTANICALS, ensuring a robust and sustainable future for the company. The acquisition by the specialized Private Equity Fund is set to inject strategic guidance, fostering innovation and expansion. The historical partners, alongside the European leader in plant extraction, bring a wealth of experience and industry knowledge that will be instrumental in driving the company forward.

The restructuring aims to consolidate HEIDI BOTANICALS‘s position in the market, enhancing its ability to develop and offer cutting-edge phytogenic solutions. These natural, plant-based products are increasingly in demand as the global market shifts towards sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The expertise of the new ownership and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved will enable the company to meet this growing demand effectively.

The current team, supported by the influx of new members, is now better equipped than ever to position the company’s presence with existing clients and attract new ones. This expansion of the workforce will not only bolster HEIDI BOTANICALS’s operational capabilities but also enhance its presence on the international stage. With an increased and more diverse team, the company is well-positioned to extend its reach and influence globally.
Their combined expertise and innovative approaches will drive HEIDI BOTANICALS to new heights, ensuring a strong global footprint and establishing the company as a leader in the field of phytogenic solutions.

In conclusion, the strategic restructuring of HEIDI BOTANICALS, underpinned by the support of a specialized Private Equity Fund, key industry partners, and a growing team of new employees, heralds a new era of growth and innovation. This development not only secures the future of the company but also sets the stage for it to lead the way in the botanical solutions market for animal health and nutrition, with a strengthened international presence and an enhanced ability to serve and expand its client base.


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