We bring out the best in plants
We develop innovative feed supplements for farm animals based on plants and plant extracts.

The company’s know-how on induction, extraction and dynamisation of plants, and also in the protection of plant’s intrinsic properties, enables ID4FEED to offer innovative natural feed supplements rich in phytoalexins, which are secondary metabolites that form part of the defense arsenal of plants and also have beneficial properties for animals.

We are looking for natural solutions
to improve farm animal performance and to maintain animal health, in a context of over-use of antibiotics.
In working towards our objective, we have developed unique technologies.
We are experts in phytobiosis
We develop biotic substances from plants that interact positively with animal health and metabolism.

We develop potent induction technologies to stimulate the production of target active substances: molecules that form part of the defense arsenal of plants and are produced by the plants themselves.

Induction or elicitation is the activation of a defense response in plants following the recognition of an elicitor linked to an aggressor (pathogen, environmental stressor, etc…).

We are experts in plant extraction and dynamisation

ID4FEED collaborates with select major producers of plant extracts from agronomic development to industrial production, in order to respond to the feed industry’s main issues considering technical and economic constraints.

ID4FEED also works industrially on dynamisation technologies such as micronisation of the entire plant, to ensure maximum bioavailability of the active compounds ; optimized contact area with intestinal epithelium ; and emulsification that modifies the solubility of active substances in the digestive tract.

We are experts in vectorization

Together with our industrial partners we also develop unique galenic and encapsulation technologies to protect the active substances and release them at their site of action in the gut.

Galenic formulation deals with preparation of drugs and defines the principles of preparing and compounding active substances in order to optimize their stability and absorption.

We are experts in eubiosis

Our encapsulated active substances help to overcome the intestinal oxido-inflammatory cycle of animals.

Our target is eubiosis: an optimized balance of the gut microbiota in the digestive tract (our photo) with the organism that hosts it.

 ID4FEED innovative feed supplements based on plants and plant extracts for farm animals

Hello, I am Heidi
I will guide you in the technical world of ID4FEED. I am the new mascot of the company. Together with my friend, I will guide you in the technical world of www.id4feed.com. If you want to meet me, come to our future trade shows where I will be happy to receive you.

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