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On October 7th, the international transport group Bolloré announced with an evocative title “there is no sign of improvement“in international transport, by air, by sea or by road. Since January 2020 and the arrival of the COVID-19 in the world, the world transport has been very strongly impacted. Empty containers are becoming scarce, ports are becoming more and more congested and demand is only increasing.

The latest figures from IATA (International Air Transport Association) show that: the total capacity of air freight decreased by 10% compared to 2019. According to Sea-intelligence, global cargo ship rotations decreased by 33.6% in August 2021, the lowest figure in the last 10 years. Ports are congested because there are not enough truck drivers to keep traffic moving.

The Europe-Europe, Europe-Australia and Europe-North America roads are the most affected. The equipment is mainly found on the Asian axis, the port activity is in free fall and the lack of personnel in transport, it is estimated today that the turnaround time of containers has increased by 20%.

As for transport costs, they have increased by about 30% compared to August 2019.

The year 2022 will still be very complex, according to Bolloré, IATA and Sea-intelligence. To cope with this transport chaos, equipment manufacturers are making new containers, carriers are seeking to sign long-term contracts and we are trying to anticipate transport as much as possible.

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