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Scientific Poster

Dietary antioxidant supplementation imroves meat quality of female Korat chickens.

Here is the result of the trial conducted last year and presented as a scientific poster at the World Poultry Congress 2022.

In partnership with our partner PS NUTRITION, Clémence Messant-Monier and Camille Rozier have written this poster.

This study aims to investigate the effects of a supplementation with an antioxidant preparation (ID PHYT BIOLOX by ID4FEED) on several growth and meat quality parameters of Korat slow-growing female chickens during 10 weeks, as well as on endogenous anserine and carnosine contents. 🌱🌶️

To read the full trial it’s here 👉

 And don’t hesitate to ask your questions to Camille and Clémence : and

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