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The price of vitamin E 50% is increasing since the end of the year 2020 and is now above 7€/kg at the beginning of April (source: Feedinfo). In this context, it is interesting to add grape extracts to the diets with vitamin E to secure the costs of the diets.


Are you looking to decrease the cost of vitamin E in your diets?


ID PHYT GRAPE OX MIX-FEED is the perfect solution!


Based on seed and skin extract of grapes, the polyphenols in the product are a natural way to replace up to 50% of vitamin E of the diets. Indeed, polyphenols can replace vitamin E for their biological antioxidant action in order to counteract the effect of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) production, that affect animal health and performance and meat quality. ID PHYT GRAPE OX MIX-FEED contains monomers and oligomers, which are the most bioavailable polyphenols. This ensures a systemic effect and a full protection of the animals.


Ex-vivo results run in 2020 confirmed the equivalency between vitamin E and ID PHYT GRAPE OX MIX-FEED**.



The benefits to use ID PHYT GRAPE OX MIX-FEED are numerous:


  • For the feed formulator: save money – 2000€ saved every 10,000 tons of feed*
  • For the purchaser: security of supply – no shortage, no volatility
  • For everyone: save the planet – use natural products in animal feed!

 *Calculation based on a broiler diet containing 50 ppm vitamin E and substituted at 50% by ID PHYT GRAPE OX MIX-FEED.


More information on our tests or the biological effects **and for equivalence ? Contact


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